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Should You Use A Manual or An Electric Toothbrush?

We go through the ideas and opinions of this highly discussed topic. Click to read more to find out if you should make the switch. At the end of this read you will have your answer 😀

It is finally time to talk about manual vs electric toothbrushes. What else is new? Sometimes we know the facts but we do not take action because we don’t see the point until it is too late. (You’ll know when your dentist scales your teeth and tells you, you have horrible plaque buildup).

There are many common assumptions and opinions surrounding this topic such as: it doesn’t make a difference, it is expensive, I’m doing just fine with my current technique, or even I’m not disabled, why do I need one? If you need a refresher on the answers to these subjects, you have come to the right place. We will debunk these assumptions today and at the end of this read you will have a solid answer.

#1 It doesn’t make a difference

Using an electric toothbrush can significantly improve your oral health and overall appearance. A 2014 review of studies by Cochrane Collaboration, showed that in one to three months, there was a reduction of 11 percent in plaque, and a 21 percent reduction after 3 months or more. Definitely more than worth it we’d say.

For this year’s World Oral Health Day, Philips conducted a nation-wide survey that investigates the care habits, misconceptions and to understand the importance of oral health from the personal opinions of Singaporeans.

Results revealed that over 80% of Singaporeans feel that good oral health directly increases a person’s attractiveness, and 84% believe that whiter teeth makes you more attractive to other people than you think you are, which in turns brings along bonuses such as being more presentable and confident. Now, if someone had sent us the memo about how oral health can actually impact every aspect of our lives, we’d be first in line to invest in a method that can significantly improve my oral health.

#2 Electric is expensive

This one proves to be true, a few years ago when it came out as the latest tech innovation. But in the present day in 2020? A quick search and there are electric toothbrushes sold as cheap as 8 SGD in local health and beauty care stores. We can be as price conservative as the next person but to put a price on better overall health and self-confidence at 8 SGD? There are plenty of people who wouldn’t mind paying a high price for high quality.

#3 Technique

Another common answer or opinion is that if the right technique was applied there shouldn’t be a problem. How many times do we actually do something the “right and perfect way” every time? According to a global survey commissioned by Phillips and the FDI World Dental Federation, results show more than half of respondents were not brushing their teeth properly. If anything, this blog post can remind us to reassess our oral care habits and technique.

Finally: Is it worth getting it?

If you find yourself as one of the ten thousands of respondents that have incorrect technique you should look into getting an electric toothbrush.

With that said, you can still be brushing effectively with a manual toothbrush, plus if you are getting good checkups and your dentist has confidence in your oral care, you don’t need to change from your manual toothbrush.

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