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How to get the perfect Hari Raya smile

Ready to look your best on Hari Raya? Transform your smile without wires with Become Invisible Braces and be photo-ready for Hari Raya.

Ready to look your best on Hari Raya?

Surrounded by close family members and friends, it’s one of the days where we glam up and take a lot of photos to preserve the moments – and of course, for the ‘Gram. As your camera phone captures priceless moments and lasting memories of you and your loved ones, you want to look and feel more comfortable and confident than ever before. This is especially true in this pandemic since we rarely get to put on our glad rags.

With this in mind, it is unsurprising that everything gets upgraded in the run-up to the biggest festival in Malaysia. The ultimate Hari Raya checklist seems to be never-ending. On top of shopping for the trendiest but one-of-a-kind baju raya, every girl vows to get a skin, body and hair makeover before Hari Raya arrives. To some, this is an annual ritual, hence they are ready to invest a little more in themselves during this time of the year.

And yet, there’s only one thing you’ll be wearing throughout the whole celebration… your smile. It is becoming increasingly common that dental care – such as teeth straightening – is being factored into modern festival budgets. Whether you forgot to wear your retainer after wearing braces as a child, or managed to completely avoid the ‘metal mouth’ ‘brace face’ and ‘train track’ hell in your teen years, become invisible braces could be the perfect solution for you.

You might think it’s impossible to get straight teeth in under one year, but our customers straighten their teeth in 6 months on average. The difference is noticeable before you even complete your treatment! become brings the art and science of invisible braces treatment direct to your door for a fraction of the cost. It is a convenient, affordable and effective solution – and the journey is simple:

1. Show us your smile

Take our free online smile assessment to find out if become invisible braces is the right treatment for you.

2.Visit us

Visit a becomeStudio™ at one of our partner clinics, and you will get a dental checkup and 3D intraoral scan, free of charge! Our partner dentists will analyse your eligibility and remotely design your unique treatment plan.

3. Check out your new smile

You will receive a computer-generated simulation showing how your treatment will transform your smile in as little as 6 months. If you like what you see, you can then purchase your invisible braces, and thanks to our convenient instalment plans you can pay as little as RM266 per month!

4. Watch your smile transform

All of your invisible braces are delivered straight to your door, ready for you to wear them for 22 hours every day (removing them only when you eat or drink). Your braces trays are replaced every two weeks, straightening your teeth and transforming your smile.

5. Enjoy and smile!

Wear your new smile in confidence. You can also purchase transparent retainers from us to hold your new smile in place. There’s no need to hide your excitement anymore – your picture perfect smile for Hari Raya and all future festivals and events is just around the corner.

Bonus: You can enjoy delicious Hari Raya spread without restrictions as invisible braces are removable for eating and drinking! Sans the metal mouth in photos and the beef rendang stuck on your braces!

Take our smile assessment to find out if become is the right treatment for you – both are free!

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