How long will it take for Become Invisible Braces to straighten my teeth?

It takes become invisible teeth braces an average of 10 months to straighten your teeth… now let us break that down.

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It takes become invisible braces an average of 6 months to straighten a smile… now let us break that down.

Receiving your unique treatment plan to get straight teeth

After our partner dentists have analysed your impressions, you’ll receive a computer generated simulation of how become invisible braces will transform your smile over time. Expect to receive this two weeks after returning your impressions and photos or shortly after your Studio visit.

Shipping your invisible braces.

All treatment plans are prescribed and supervised by our partner dentists. 

If you are happy with your treatment plan you can go ahead and purchase your invisible braces for a smile-worthy price. As soon as your invisible braces have been 3D printed, we’ll ship the full set to your home address in a nice box. 

Your smile transformation

The smile transformation itself will take an average of 6 months to complete – you will wear your invisible braces for 22 hours every day, just removing them to eat and drink.

Post-treatment retainers.

Once your treatment plan is completed, it’s important to wear your retainers to keep your newly-aligned smile in place.

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